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o Bulletin N#31 : Botulinum toxin, description and clinical applications in the treatment of the face wrinkles o

Authors : F. Braccini, Ph. Berros, L. Belhaouari (Nice, Beausoleil, Toulouse)

Ref. : Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol. 2006;127,2:105-111.

Summary : The botulinum toxin is used more and more in the treatment of the wrinkles of the face and mainly in its 1/3 superior part. Objectives: To describe the technique of injection and to establish a treatment program based on the anatomical data. Materials et methods: The description of the muscles and the elements constituting the face makes it possible to specify the play of the muscular balances of the face. Results: The technique of injection needs certain requirements: It must be of small quantity and not diffuse. The treatment program must be integrated in a unit based on the study of each muscular group of the face and the opposite skin to release a reasonable attitude in the handling in safety of this toxin. Conclusion: The technique is sure and effective by respecting the indications and the conditions of use.

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