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George Laskaris
2003 - Third edition - 777 illustrations - 454 pages - Price 139 ISBN : 3-13-717003-6
Georg Thieme Verlag, Rüdigerstrasse 14, 70469 Stuttgart Germany.
Nine years have epalsed since the second edition of the Color Atlas of Oral Diseases. The acceptance of the book by the international dental and medical communities has been beyond any expectation. This, together with spectacular progress in molecular biology, pathophysiology, methods of laboratory diagnostic techniques, and in therapeutics, has created a pressing need for a new edition of the atlas.
For this third edition, the text has been thoroughly revised and rewritten, to keep it in step with the new concepts of oral medicine. The structure of the text has been rendered more comprehensible and useful, with clear references as to etiology, clinical pictures, differential diagnosis, laboratory diagnostic tests, and therapy. Four new chapters and 135 new color plates have been added representing relative disease entities. Better quality and more representative plates have been included, replacing 148 ones in the previous edition.
Several references have been omitted and numerous others have been added, so that the information on which the atlas is based reflects more recent scientific concepts and views.
The grand total of changes has led to a newbook that covers almost the entire spectrum of diseases of the oral mucosa. The orientation of the book remains clinical, aimed at helping the dentist and medical doctor to deal with the stomatological problems of their patients on a daily basis. Moreover, students of dentistry and medicine may find new, basic knowledge in the atlas, which in combination with the representative illustrated material, will introduce them in the difficult but exciting field of oral medicine.
Like the first edition, the third edition of the Color Atlas of Oral Diseases is an indispensable resource for dentists, physiciens, residents, and students who solve diagnostic problems and prepare treatment outlines.


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