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Gregory W. Randolph
2004 - 414 illustrations (R. Galla)- 620 pages - Price: £125,- ISBN : 0-7216-8990-6
Saunders, Elsevier Science, The Curtis Center, Independence Square West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106, USA.
Fifty-three world experts-representing the fields of otolaryngology,general surgery, endocrinology, and pathology present the most well-rounded, interdisciplinary information source available on thyroid and parathyroid surgery. They offer you complete, authoritative guidance on preoperative evaluation, surgical anatomy, intraoperative techniques, and postoperative management... equipping you to reduce risks, manage complications, and achieve optimal outcomes. Inside, you’ll find in-depth coverage of key procedures such as... intraoperative real-time hormonal assessment ; surgery of cervical and substernal goiter ; approach to the mediastinum ; unilateral, near-total, and total thyroidectomy ; management of recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis ; reoperative thyroid surgery ; neck dissection ; parathyroid exploration ; surgical management of multiglandular disease ; fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid gland ; revision parathyroid surgery.
Plus, hundreds of superb illustrations clarify important nuancesof surgical anatomy and technique.


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