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Contributors should forward their manuscripts (original + 1 copy) to the Editorial Department correctly drafted in French or in English, typewritten with double spacing. The first page shall indicate solely the title of the article, the name and forename of the authors, and the departmental address. Keys to figures shall be grouped together at the end of the article on a separate page. For articles produced on a word-processor, thanks to send in addition to the two copies requested (see above) the corresponding diskette, in a 3.5" format, and files RTF format irrespective of the system (Apple or PC compatible). or by E-mail : : revue.laryngologie@wanadoo.fr.
Once accepted by the Reading Committee and by the Editors, the text cannot be modified. It must be presented perfectly.
Proofs - reading handled by the editotrial staff. The author is responsable for all statements in the paper, as approved on the copyeditedgalley proofs.


The title of the article (in english and french) shall clearly specify the subject, with the name(s) of the author(s), forename(s) or initials, with qualifications or capacities, and the origin of the work.
An abstract in french and english (no more than 150-250 words) stating the objectives, methods of study, results and conclusions of the work and must be sent with all articles. Do not forget the list of key-words (3-5 max).


The material provided must be of excellent quality. Photocopies are not acceptable. The positioning of figures in the text shall be specified with a number -e.g. : figure 1. The Revue de Laryngologie assumes the cost of 4 figures and 3 tables (additional figures and tables will be invoiced to authors at the time of first acceptance of the article by the International Reading Committee).


Full bibliographic references (limited to 25) shall be grouped at the end of the article. They must be typed, numbered consecutively as they appear in the text, and listed in the bibliography in order of appearance.

Articles : GERSDORFF M, GARIN P. L'endoscopie de l'oreille modifie-t-elle la classification des poches de rétraction et les indications opératoires ? Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol. 1994;115,5:367-368.

Books : Blayney AW, STACK JP, McAVOY GJ, RICE HJ. Quantifying healthy ear canal geometry using magnetic resonance imaging. In : M. Portmann Ed. Transplants and implants in otology III. Amsterdam/New York Kugler Publ., 1996:15-21.


10 offprints are sent free of change to authors with one issue. Additional copies are to be order on sending the article, and are for the author's account.


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